Current trail reports for the Mission Mountain Wilderness and Swan Front are available June through October. Contact us if you require trail maps or additional information.

SVC is proud to have once again partnered with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) to provide backcountry trails and ranger services in the Mission Mountains Wilderness and Swan Front in 2016.  SVC secures funding each year from the Recreational Trails Program to assist the USFS in completing these tasks.  For the second year, Christian Mascho and Nathan Noble of Daughter of the Sun Backcountry Services were contracted to perform trails steward duties.  Their tasks included clearing 94 miles of trails in the early summer, maintenance of trails and drainage structures, trailhead maintenance, campsite naturalization, and visitor education.  Visitor education can entail a wide range of topics that may include: Flathead National Forest bear food storage orders, Leave No Trace principles, Wilderness management, wildlife encounters, or trail conditions just to name a few.  As most who ventured into the high country this past summer probably noticed, the amount of blowdown from the previous autumn and winter’s windstorms was impressive.  Christian and Nathan worked feverishly to complete the opening of trails in a timely manner, and their effort is much appreciated!  Those who have been on the end of a cross-cut saw for many long, hot, mosquito-infested days know why its nickname is referred to as the ‘misery whip.’ Throughout the summer, Christian and Nathan provide SVC with regular trail condition updates that can be found on this web page.