A new MDV rule (SB353) was passed stating updated annual specialty license plate certification requirements.  There must be at least 400 registered plates for any specialty plate or it will be revoked. These requirements are effective January 1, 2020.

There are currently 324 Swan Valley plates registered, meaning we need an additonal 76 by January or we will lose our beloved wolverine plate. If you want to switch to the SV plate, but you have a different plate, (annually renewed or permanent registration), all you have to do is go to your county treasurer’s office, and pay the $20-$40 fee for the plate. You do not have to re-register your vehicle!


We are pleased to announce a specialty license plate supporting conservation and education efforts in Montana's wild and beautiful Swan Valley. The license plate features a spectacular painting of a wolverine in its natural habitat by renowned artist Ron Ukrainetz. Purchasing the plates supports the conservation and education work of Swan Valley Connections.

If the plates you want are not on hand, the county treasurer will give you a 40-day temporary permit. When your plates are available, you can either pick them up, or, for an additional fee shipping might be arranged with your county office.

If you are unable to physically visit your county DMV office, call them to find out how you can obtain your plates.

There is a one-time purchase price of $20 for the plates. Each year (including the first year) a $20 donation from the license renewal fee will support the conservation work of Swan Valley Connections.

Special sample plates to give as gifts or hang on your wall are also available at Swan Valley Connections. Sample "SWAN" and "GULO" plates (not legal for use on a vehicle) are $45 plus shipping and handling. Visit the SVC Shop or contact us for details.