Swan Valley Connections values the connection of people to landscapes and vice versa. The Swan Valley is home to a vast network of roads and trails, but information about how and where to use them is limited and difficult to interpret. Hundreds of visitors pass through the valley and into our office each year, looking for opportunities to experience the Swan. We identified the need to provide them with better information through developing a map and guide that tells the story of the Swan Valley's human history, natural history, and highlights recreational access. The map offers community members and visitors alike better opportunities to experience and learn about what makes this place so special.

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Fostering Connection with the Landscape
By ANDI BOURNE, Seeley Swan Pathfinder, August 18, 2016

Swan Valley Connections (SVC) will release a new Swan Valley Trails Interpretive Map mid-September. Their goal for the interpretive map is to help educate visitors and residents about the human and natural history of the area while providing a resource that helps people think about the various recreation available in the Swan, where they can do it and what kind of an experience they can expect... READ MORE →


IMAGE: Mary Medley