Say hello to Wildlife in the West 2017!


Say hello to the amazing students that make up the 2017 class of Wildlife in the West! We have an awesome group from all around the country who are super excited to be in Montana and to use the Swan Valley as a classroom to learn more about wildlife and the issues surrounding it! Check out who is here and why they are thrilled about this program…

Brielle Januszewski

Brielle is Environmental Engineering and Political Science student at the University of Arizona and is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. Brielle had never seen snow prior to arriving to the Swan and is shocked by how cold it still is in May. She is excited to be tracking new animals and can’t wait to learn more about how to interpret different animal sign.

Eli Estey

Eli is majoring in Ecological Agriculture at the University of Vermont and is originally from Duxbury, Massachusetts. Eli has been coming to Montana with his family every summer for years and is excited to be back and learning more about the landscape. Eli is looking forward to studying Canada Lynx, because he has no former knowledge of the species.

Courtney Craighead

Courtney is an Environmental Studies student at UW-Oshkosh with an emphasis in Environmental Science. She is originally from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, but currently goes home from school to her parents in Ooltewah, Tennessee. Courtney is excited to see wildlife and learn more about conservation in the valley.

Jesse Haack

Jesse is majoring in Environmental Studies at UW - Oshkosh with a science emphasis and a minor in Biology. He was born in Tacoma Washington, but has been living in Oshkosh for the majority of his life. Jesse is excited about comparing the vegetation in Montana to the vegetation he has seen is other parts of the world through different field experiences.

Logan Brooks

Logan is an Environmental Studies major at UW - Oshkosh and is currently living in Oshkosh. Logan was born in Missoula and was excited about this program as an opportunity to get back to Montana. He is looking forward to being in one of the most intact ecosystems left to study wildlife and wants to spend as much time outside as possible.

Schuyler Todd

Schuyler is Animal Science major with Wildlife Biology and Studio Art minors at the University of Vermont. She is originally from New Jersey and this is her first experience out west. Schuyler is most excited for WiW because it is an opportunity to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting and she is eager to hear more about the valley’s wildlife.

Clark Coneby

Clark is an Environmental Studies student at Baylor University and is from Katy, Texas. Clark signed up for this program to explore future careers in the field and is excited to gain insight from all of the different guest speakers we will have. He is looking forward to be out in the field and playing around in the woods!

Ben Slusser

Ben is an Environmental Studies major at UW - Oshkosh with an emphasis on ecology and is from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Ben is looking forward to all of the wildlife he will be studying, especially the wolves and bull trout. He has never been to Montana before and is excited to explore the new landscape!

Hannah Holzschuh

Hannah is an Environmental Studies major at UW - Oshkosh with an Environmental Science emphasis and a minor in Biology. She is originally from Kaukauna, Wisconsin and has never been to Montana. Hannah is looking forward to studying not only wolf ecology, but the policy that goes along with it. Her current favorite place is Jackson Hole, Wyoming and she is eager to see how the Swan Valley compares!

Monro Obenauer

Monro is majoring in Conservation Biology at the Arizona State University and is originally from Broomfield Colorado. She is excited to learn about wolf ecology and learning more about a species she is not familiar with. Monro is also looking forward to our camping trips and traveling around the area!

Caitlyn Uhlenbrauck

Caitlyn is studying Environmental Studies at UW - Oshkosh with a science emphasis. She is from Appleton, Wisconsin and has made many trips out west before as a big fan of the Rocky Mountains. Caitlyn is excited for the experiential learning opportunities and getting to learn from the knowledgeable people of the valley. She is also loving getting to know her classmates from all over the country!

Sarah Keller

Sarah is Biology student at Boise State University and is from Boise, Idaho. Sarah is excited to learn how to track animals and interpret sign. She is also looking forward to spending time outside and getting out in the woods!

Ryan DeLoge

Ryan is Environmental Studies student at UW - Oshkosh and is from Mequon, Wisconsin. His major has an emphasis on policy and values with a minor in sustainable management. As an avid photographer, he is looking forward to taking a lot of pictures and learning about Montana’s wildlife.

Linnea Halsten

Linnea studies Biology and Environmental Studies at Oberlin College and is originally from Madison, Wisconsin. Linnea has been to Montana before and was excited to come back and explore the Swan Valley specifically. She is looking forward to learning more about wildlife conservation in a mountainous area with the holistic approach that SVC uses.