Winter Field Experiences

Whether you’re looking for an interpretive experience or a way to hone your technical tracking skills, we’ve got multiple opportunities for you to get out of the house and to connect with the natural world around you this winter.

Our Winter Naturalist Walks will provide an excellent foundation for our Wildlife Tracks & Sign classes.

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Winter Naturalist Walks

Nov 29th, jan 4th, & feb 29th

Wildlife Tracks & Sign

jan 18th & march 14th



Custom experiences

Swan Valley Connections customizes and leads family groups, business groups, students and individuals on wildlife watching and natural history adventures. Some examples of trips we have led include mountain lion ecology, wildflower photography, river snorkeling, advanced outdoor skills, and animal tracking.



Past 2019 programs

Winter Field Ecology

mar 22-24, 2019

Learn about the adaptations wildlife species in the Swan Valley use to survive the cold winter months of NW Montana! Through a mix of informal lecture and plenty of time in the field, we will explore the conditions faced by plants, birds, and animals in the Swan and investigate the various strategies for survival used by species who call this area home.

Wildlife Tracks & Sign

Jan 26, Mar 9, april 13 2019

Enhance your ability to observe and correctly interpret the subtle signs that our elusive wildlife species leave behind. Participants will learn how to recognize animals by track, scat, feeding behavior, gait pattern, habitat selection, marking behavior, and other sign in the winter landscape.

Photo by Faith Bernstein

Photo by Faith Bernstein

Earthwatch huckleberry study

Join SVC and the USGS in a citizen science project studying the impacts of climate change on huckleberries (and the grizzlies and other wildlife that depend on this important food source)!


Read more about the project from USGS HERE