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Enhance your ability to observe and correctly interpret the subtle signs that our elusive wildlife species leave behind. Participants will learn how to recognize animals by track, scat, feeding behavior, gait pattern, habitat selection, marking behavior, and other sign in the winter landscape. MORE INFO →

Winter Field Ecology 2019

march 22-24 & dec 6-8


Learn about the adaptations wildlife species in the Swan Valley use to survive the cold winter months of NW Montana! Through a mix of informal lecture and plenty of time in the field, we will explore the conditions faced by plants, birds, and animals in the Swan and investigate the various strategies for survival used by species who call this area home.

Meals, lodging at the Beck Homestead, transportation during the course & snowshoes included.

For more information or to register, call Lindsay @ 754 3137 or e-mail at

Montana Master Naturalist Program

July 11-16

$825 for tuition, food, and lodging.
An additional $100 fee is required for Master Naturalist Certification.

The focus of the Montana Master Naturalist Program is to increase natural history knowledge and promote awareness, understanding, and stewardship of Montana’s natural environment by developing a corps of well-informed citizens dedicated to conservation education and service within their communities.

The Montana Master Naturalist Program is designed for adults who want to stoke their curiosity, deepen their knowledge of the natural world, and give back to their communities in new ways. We offer a range of programs to fit the needs of a diverse community, but all the classes share a common goal of providing participants with the skills to interpret Montana’s flora, fauna, and landscape.

Swan Valley Connections’ 6-day, immersive experience will expose participants to an observation-based study of natural history in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. Through an in-depth investigation of physiographic complexity, we will encounter a diversity of plant and animal communities living in various ecosystems supported by the unique landscape characteristics of the Swan Valley. Particular attention will be given to forest carnivores, threatened and endangered species, wetland ecology, aquatic systems, fire ecology, and biogeography of NW Montana.

Meals, lodging and transportation provided during the course.
SVC will also provide field guides and naturalist kits for use in the field.

For more information or to register, call Lindsay @ 754 3137 or e-mail at Lindsay@svconnection

Custom experiences

Swan Valley Connections customizes and leads family groups, business groups, students and individuals on wildlife watching and natural history adventures. Some examples of trips we have led include mountain lion ecology, wildflower photography, advanced outdoor skills and animal tracking.


IMAGES: Banner - Dave Morris;
Top Left - Faith Bernstein:
Bottom Left - Stephanie Dunn;
Right - Locke Hassett