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Why Us? Swan Valley Connections is a non-profit located in Montana’s Crown of the Continent. We offer students the opportunity to study natural resource management through experience. When we aren’t teaching, our instructors are in the field monitoring, researching, restoring and working towards community based solutions. Our conservation work forms the basis of experience from which we develop our education programs. We believe that a deep understanding of natural history and ecological processes combined with empathy for human communities leads to innovative and thoughtful stewardship.

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Why Here? The Crown of the Continent is an ecological crossroads where plant and animal communities from the Pacific Northwest, eastern prairies, southern Rockies, and northern boreal forests mingle. These glacier-carved mountains and valleys are also the headwaters for North America. Nowhere else on the continent retains its full complement of native wildlife - wolves, grizzly bears, moose, wolverine, elk, and mountain goats, to name a few. Rural communities and small cities have been built up around natural resource industries, tourism, and agriculture. The Crown is an example of a collaboratively managed landscape where diverse people work together to bridge cultures, promote sustainable use, steward natural resources and support vibrant communities. It is an enchanting landscape that easily captures hearts and minds.


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Jonathan Bowler
Education Director