Forest Stewardship

Like many forests of the Rocky Mountain west, past management and the lack of naturally occurring wildfire have altered forests in the Swan Valley. In areas where wildfire has been suppressed for nearly 100 years tree canopies are dense and the understory growth thick. Swan Valley Connections' staff Forester can provide professional and technical advice and assistance to landowners interested in forest stewardship. Our role is to help landowners reduce the risk of wildfire while maintaining many of the natural amenities their properties provide. We secure cost-share funding for private landowners to conduct forest fuel reduction activities around homes and properties. To date, our forest stewardship program has assisted with 234 fuels reduction projects on 2,306 acres. Over 36,900 tons (~1,318 truck loads) of wood products were sent to local mills from these projects, helping reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire while providing valuable work to local contractors. Funds are currently available to support this work.

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