Alumni Spotlight: Clark Coneby

Wildlife in the West ‘17
hometown: Katy, texas


I chose the Wildlife in the West field program because it fit in my college schedule, gave me nine hours of upper level environmental science course credit, and was in a unique ecosystem that allowed me to grow in my environmental knowledge. My greatest takeaway from the program was the complexity of environmental issues and how they can be solved.


The fondest memory I have from the Swan was simply having free time to stop, take an identification guide, and be by myself in nature.


 I am graduating from Baylor University this spring and currently waiting to hear from Texas Parks & Wildlife about an internship as a Texas game warden. (I will know in the next six days!)

This field program taught me so many skills and isn’t something many have done. It was exciting, unique, tough, and rewarding. I’ve listed it on my resume, and at every interview I have had thus far, Wildlife in the West has come up. Employers are interested in what we did, how we worked with the community, and how the experience changed me. I believe this sets me apart and is something that can help me get a job in the environmental field.