January 2018


Thanks to you, our generous and unwavering supporters, when we asked you to help us meet our 20th-anniversary $20,000 matching gift challenge, you came through with…$25,370! From the bottom of our Swan-loving hearts, a sincere and eternal thank you for caring so much about this rare and magical place. Our work in 2018 will now have an even greater impact thanks to your incredible generosity. 

October 2017


We invite you to join us in celebrating 20 years of conservation, education, and collaboration in the Swan Valley.

Twenty years ago, a Swan Valley couple and a few friends came together with a shared vision to provide college students with a meaningful education experience by getting them out of the classroom and into the field. Around the same time, another group of local conservationists were also working to provide resources to local residents that connected them to the landscape and to each other. In 2016 those organizations, Northwest Connections and Swan Ecosystem Center, joined together to form Swan Valley Connections, believing they would be even more effective if they moved forward together. And, they were correct! Since the merger in January 2016, SVC has become the best of both by providing world-class experiential education to college students, assisting with wildlife conflict prevention, restoring wildlife and native fish habitat and wetlands, and serving as a model for both conservation education and work on the ground in areas far beyond the Swan.

As we celebrate the past and honor the founders of our parent organizations, we also look toward the future, and building on the foundation provided for another 20 years of conservation leadership.

To mark this significant milestone, a longtime donor has made us a generous offer: a gift of $20,000 if we can raise an equal amount from supporters like you. Please join us in rising up to the challenge together!

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20th Anniversary Celebration
December 6, 2017

Thank you for a wonderful night of fond reflection, laughter, and stories of connection to this magical place and to each other. Our 20th Anniversary Celebration was a smashing success, as is our campaign to raise $20,000 as we look toward the coming year - we are over half way there! Our legacy of collaboration, conservation, and education would not exist without you, the Swan’s most ardent supporters and advocates. To participate in our $20,000 fundraising challenge, see above.



As we acknowledge the founding members of Northwest Connections and Swan Ecosystem Center, we would also like to thank the Ad Hoc Committee who pioneered the collaborative conservation effort in the Swan Valley as well as the numerous people, organizations, and agencies that have helped foster and support our work. Thank you for 20 years! Here's to 20 more.


IMAGE: Top - Jonathan Bowler; Art Ortenberg and Liz Clairborne - Helena Independent Record